#3: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Star Trek: The Original Series
Season 1 Episode 3
Original airdate: 22 September 1966

“It’s like a man who’s been blind all his life suddenly being given sight. Sometimes I feel there’s nothing I couldn’t do, in time. Some people think that makes me a monster, don’t they Jim?” Continue reading “#3: Where No Man Has Gone Before”

#2: Charlie X

Star Trek: The Original Series
Season 1 Episode 2
Original airdate: 15 September 1966

KIRK: “Charlie, there are a million things in this universe you can have and there are a million things you can’t have. It’s no fun facing that, but that’s the way things are.”

CHARLIE: “Then what am I going to do?”

KIRK: “Hang on tight and survive. Everybody does.” Continue reading “#2: Charlie X”

The battleplan: episode viewing order

Since I’m new to the entire Star Trek universe, before I get started with my ridiculous mission my first task is to actually figure out what I have to watch and in what order I have to do it.

After hours of heavy research (five minutes on Wikipedia) I’ve discovered that there are six TV series, with next year’s Star Trek: Discovery being the seventh.

And yes, given how long this will take me, I’m certain watching Discovery will become part of the mission. Continue reading “The battleplan: episode viewing order”

It begins…

My name is Chris Scullion, and I’ve never seen Star Trek in my life.

Actually, that’s not entirely true: I saw the 2009 movie directed by JJ Abrams and was a wee bit lost because I didn’t know what was going on.

But that’s it. I’ve never seen a single episode of any Star Trek TV series or any of the other movies. I couldn’t even tell you how many of them there are. Continue reading “It begins…”